Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Sector

The agricultural industry in Mexico is one of the most important sectors and one of the largest consumers of polyethylene, for the different applications in which the use of this material is very useful in the care of the products.


Featured applications


Monofilament, networks for greenhouse and shade mesh

They protect against harmful action of U.V. rays and help control different conditions within it.

One of the main characteristics is that it controls the intensity in the penetration of light. Generally, it is used in greenhouses and nurseries of ornamental plants, and for the protection of fruits.

It protects crops from hail, insects, and birds that can cause damage.

It is also applied as a cover in rest spaces.


In the agricultural industry, different pieces are made from polyethylene; among the most used are plastic containers with perforated walls, used for fruit storage and/or grain collection.

Thanks to their design, they are stackable containers of easy manipulation that optimize space and allow a greater storage.

Generally, it is a recyclable product and resistant to the weather conditions.

Industrial Bags

Mainly used for the storage of grains and seeds, optimal for not allowing the passage of water, and keeping the stored product free of oxygen, therefore, it does not require being under a roof or inside a warehouse.

This type of bags suffers fewer attacks of rodents or pests.

Agricultural film (fertilizer, greenhouse, and tunnels)

It is mainly used to cover the surface of the cultivated soil and/or the construction of tunnels that allow a control of the temperature for the development of crops.

It is of great utility since besides offering a protection against UV rays; it controls the pests and maintains an adequate humidity.