Cleaning and Personal Hygiene

Cleaning and Personal Hygiene

Packaging trends for cleaning industry products, among others, seek to meet certain standards of both the end consumer and the industry that has become much more demanding with the care of the planet.

The polyethylene present in personal care articles, meet this requirement, but in turn, it maintains a balance with being a quality material.


Featured applications


Flexible packaging film

This type of film is commonly used for the packaging of products such as diapers, toilet paper, among others, providing simultaneous characteristics of stiffness, transparency, and brightness. Therefore, this type of film is ideal for innumerable applications in the personal, domestic market and others such as food market.

Packaging for cleaning products, detergents, and personal care

Because of its great ease of handling, flexibility, and customization with molds, polyethylene is used in products such as liquid containers, shampoo, soap, creams and cleaning products in general.