Construction Sector

Construction Sector

Polyethylene is present in different aspects, in the construction field and some of its applications can be observed in pipes for the transport of different contents.

With Braskem Idesa Polyethylenes, your business may develop such applications.


Featured applications


Piping for telecommunication, irrigation, PE 80, and PE 100

Polyethylene in pipes has several applications; it is used in the transport of water because due to its elastic capacity and flexibility, the implementation of polyethylene pipes is growing remarkably with respect to other materials used for this purpose.

The PE 80 and PE 100 pipes are suitable as they offer a durable pipe, commonly used for gas.

Implemented in the irrigation system, it is used as a lightweight material, which is also easy to transport, to lay and easy to assemble.

Rotomolding: water tanks, cistern

The rotomolding of containers is an excellent application for the storage of water. These pieces present very good chemical resistance to this liquid and to others under controlled temperatures.

This unique process of transformation is performed through a rotating molding machine that allows to design customized pieces of any size and hollow form, ideal for large scale storage. It is commonly used in construction for tanks and cisterns.