Other Applications

Other Applications

Braskem Idesa's market with the largest applications of resins is in the manufacture of packaging of all kinds, from food packaging, liquids, and other applications such as supermarket bags and plastic films for liquid containers.

In each of these applications, Braskem Idesa and its team of specialists work to offer the best quality in the final transformation of their resins; for this, it has the advice of its application engineers who will be available to enter into contact and dialogue in detail to improve the production of the final piece.


Featured applications


General purpose film, automatic packaging (various products)

The polyethylene film largely represents the production of polyethylene. Its use is due generally to the good combination of its mechanical properties together with a low permeability to water vapor, which makes it perfect for packaging a myriad of products, functioning as protection of metallic objects, electrical equipment, large pieces machinery, and so on.

Heat shrink film, special films for liquid containers

This type of film is profitable for the protection and packaging of cans, bottles, and cartons since it has a very low weight that makes it easy to transport, not counting the high recyclability that it offers.

It has become one of the most sought films in the market due to its characteristics that also are coupled with the aesthetics of the products.

Blow Molded Containers

This technique guarantees the quality of packaging, in addition to being economical, low weight and mostly ecological; therefore, when it is incinerated it only releases carbon dioxide and water into the atmosphere. Generally, this type of material does not dry or deform, as it can happen with other plastics when facing changes in the ambient temperature.

Among its most common applications, it is found in the pharmaceutical sector and in general, liquid containers.

Bimodal HDPE

High density polyethylene is used in today's industry in multiple applications. It is mostly used for the production of containers, lids, household utensils and toys.

In addition, due to its high flexibility and resistance, a segment where it is frequently present and with great force is in the production of supermarket bags, since it is quite profitable for the producers, and satisfactory for the consumers.

Transparent film for frozen food, packaging, and bakery

The transparent film that generally accompanies most frozen foods is nowadays very useful in the protection and conservation of vegetables, fruits, and meats, as they offer the conservation of their natural properties.

This type of film is a sturdy material that allows you to store heavy amounts without risk of breakage.

Injected parts, buckets, toys, covers, etc

This type of materials and application has in common that it presents resistance both to the use and the passage of time and to certain weather conditions.

Generally, the injection molded parts take on strength in the plastic industry, in the elaboration of cleaning articles (containers, buckets, etc.) and in the manufacture of toys.

All these applications and more are supported with the resins that Braskem Idesa produces. If you want to know more about applications and how Braskem Idesa offers you innovative solutions for your business, please contact the area of Application Engineering, where an experienced technician will follow up. serviciostecnicos@braskem.com